DV-2018 Lottery

DV Lottery Visa Processing Fees.

18:06 PM 10/12/2018

DV Lottery visa fees actually means visa processing fees charged by the Embassy. Paying processing fees will not guarantee that you will get those required entry permits.

Up to April 2012, winners were requested to pay US$ 819 as processing fee and later the rate of the diversity visa processing fee is US$ 330 per person. As per the new regulations from 01 February 2013 each person who had received an immigrant visa must pay additional US$ 160 as processing fee for the USCIS office before they enter in to the USA.

Many people think that this program is a free one.

Actually applying for it is only free, after that you have to pay for the visa processing, medical examination, air tickets and other necessary things, if you are selected as a winner in this draw.

If you are new to this draw, read the instruction carefully from the start to end and try to understand it clearly before you participate in it.

There will be no fees will be involved up to your interview date as a winner in this draw.

On the day of your visa interview you must pay your fees to the US Embassy and can get the receipt for it. The fee for the primary applicant is US$ 330 and each of his/her dependants too must pay the required fee even if they are not immigrating to the USA with the primary applicant. This will apply to the selected winners of the current diversity visa lottery program DV-2020.

Selected winners in the USA too must pay these fees to the USCIS office when they request to change their current status to the LPR status through the green card lottery name selection.

If your visa is rejected after the visa interview, your processing fee will not be returned to you.

So be careful to submit correct and true information about yourself and of your dependants.

If your case is under Administrative Processing and if your case can't be processed before 30th September 2020 under the DV-2020, you may lose your visa fees too as the American visa lottery program for the fiscal year 2020 will close on that date.

Take Note.

If you are a winner from Iran, Mauritius or from any other country where you don't have US consular office or facility to attend for the DV interview, you have to travel to the nearest US Consular office in another country to attend the visa interview. You will have to bear all the travelling, lodging and food expenses as the Consular offices will not provide any financial assistance to the selected winners who are attending visa interviews in another country.

Visa processing fee should be paid only to the US Concular office on the day of your interview. It can be paid in US$ or in local currency.
To do so follow the instructions provided by that consular office.

Never send money to get diversity visa by sending money to overseas as per the instructions of email or phone calls.