DV-2018 Lottery

DV-2020 Winner Medical Examination

Medical Examinations is a compulsory requirement for all the dv 2020 winners and their dependants to obtain the U.S Immigration visa from their US consular office. Required medical tests should be done according to the local Us Embassy instructions. US Embassies do provide appointed medical practitioners by them for to do the required the medical tests in each country. You can't go to any desired medical officer to do the medical tests for the DV 2020 visa interview.

So the DV 2020 selected winners must contact the US consular office once they got their appointment letter for the immigrant visa interview and get the instructions and forms to make the medical examination along with the appointed medical practitioners names and addresses.

It is very important - winners must do their medical examinations at the US Consular appointed medical practitioners only - if done with other doctors it will not be accepted by the consular officer at the time of the interview.

When attending the medical examination the applicant must produce his/her passport for identification and must pay the doctor's examination fee too.

For better information on medical examination visit your country U.S consular office web site and find them as it may be little different with each countries.

All the medical examination costs must be met by the dv-2020 visa lottery winners and the US embassies will not provide any financial assistance for it.