DV-2018 Lottery

DV-2020 Visa Interviews

DV-2020 winners are placed in two categories.

  1. Winners who are staying outside of the USA.
  2. Winners staying in the USA.

Total Available visas for FY2020: 50,000
Selected Winners under DV2020: Pending

USA Visa Interview. Under DV-2019.

Visa Processing Fees.

Visa processing fees for the DV lottery are US$ 330 for the primary applicant and all his/her dependants too must pay the fees for each of them on the day of the interview and the payment should be paid only to the US Consular office as per their instructions.

For example, if you are a winner with dependant spouse and 3 eligible children, you have to pay a total of US$ 1,650 as visa fees.

Never send money by bank or through money transfer agencies to obtain the American visas.

This is a non refundable visa processing fees and if the visas are rejected for any given reason the fees will not be refunded.

DV Interviews.

Visa interviews under the 2020 diversity visa program will start from 1st of October 2019 onwards. It will continue till the visas exhaust or till it closes officially on 30th September 2020. Under this DV program visas are provided to eligible winners on first come first serve basis.

Winner Processing for Winners staying outside of the USA.

When you had observed your winning letter in the computer screen, take a printout of that letter.

Go online and fill the DS-160 online visa application forms. Here.

Get the username and password written in a safe place.

When you will be called for interview?

DV lottery winners who have low numbered case numbers will be called for the interview from the month of October 2019. 2020AF000001 will be called first for the interview. 000002 will be called next and it will follow in this order. When your case number is current in any month, then you can expect for the interview date in that month. So prepare your documents as soon as possible.

Interview Letter (2nd Letter).

The visa interview letters will be displayed to the selected winners 4-6 weeks prior to the interview date, through the system where they had filled their online visa application forms.

For Selectees staying in side the USA.

Those winners who had been selected under the DV-2020 while they are staying in the USA have to contact the USCIS office, when their case numbers becomes current in any given month. They can change their current US status to U.S LPR status, if they meet all the required eligibilities.

Adjustment of Status. Here

On the Day of the Interview.

The winners must take all the required documents and necessary translation papers on the day of their interviews with a fully valid passport with more than 6 blank pages. Also must be ready to provide the required medical fitness, police clearance, affidavit of support and the military record.

Affidavit of Support for Winners staying in the USA: https://www.uscis.gov/i-864

Affidavit of Support for Winners staying out side of the USA: https://www.uscis.gov/index/49091

Some Important Facts.

The successful DV lottery applicant will be issued with the visa after proofing his/her eligibility at the time of the interview. The given American visa must be used within 6 months period from the date of issue as the visa will be expired after the 6 months period.

Those who are with the high case numbers some time may not be called for the interview as the visas used to exhaust early.

Some people may not get the required visas even if they attend the visa interviews due to official background check delays.

If your visas are not given to you due to administrative delay and if the closing date of the program is passed, your visa fees will not be refunded.

Most of the dv 2020 visa lottery applicants think that this is a free to benefit program and they think everything is given free to them. But it is only free to apply for the program through the internet in the beginning, if you are selected as a winner then you will have to pay all the required fees and expenses as instructed by the US Government till you get the immigrant visa.

Please take note; never send money by post, bank draft or through any money transfer companies to get the US diversity visa. If you are asked to pay in this way, it means some scam operator is trying to make money from you in the name of DV draw. Don't respond to those emails even if they look like original ones with logos and other graphics.

Source: U.S State Department