DV-2018 Lottery

DV-2018 Program Instructions

The State Department used to publish the diversity visa lottery instructions through their websites and in print version which will be available at all the US Embassies soon.

DV-2018 instructions will be published in the official language English in the internet and you can find it in PDF format or as html version. There are translations of these instructions available in the other major languages too in the official web site. Any how the English language one will be regarded as the official version for the dv 2018 program. The dv lottery instructions used to contain the following information in it. Eligibility requirements, eligible countries, photo requirements, time to apply and FAQ along with many other important things related to the program for the fiscal year 2018.

Before applying for program you must read and understand the instructions and specially read about the Affidavit of Support in the FAQ section. Many people think that this program is a free to apply and once they are selected as winners they can fly to the USA. This is wrong, those winners must face the immigrant visa interview to proof their eligibility and on that day that they must provide affidavit of support in the I-134 form and if you don't have this sponsor you may not see the USA unless you provide a job offer in the USA. So it is important for you to have a close friend or relative in the USA to get the visa on the day of the dv interview.

Many US Embassy web sites around the world offer dv instructions in their local languages in PDF file format to provide information to the local people about the dv lottery.

If you are looking for the current visa lottery instructions in your mother tongue, check your country U.S Embassy web site to see if they are providing the required translation work in PDF format. It is free to download from their web site. For Example Sri Lanka people can get Sinhala and Tamil translations too in the Sri Lanka U.S Embassy web site. Likewise Bangladesh people can find the Bangla language translation in their country US Embassy web site, if their country is allowed to participate in the DV 2018 visa lottery program.

Normally the DV-2018 visa lottery instructions will be available in the following major languages.

They are Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bahasa Indonesia, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Uzbek.

Many US Consular offices offer free printout of the instructions, if you can visit their offices personally you can get one copy from them. Also they offer free seminars on the diversity visa program in local languages. General public can put their questions regarding the program to the consular officers at the venues. Please read the local news papers for to find out about these DV Lottery seminars.

We strongly recommend you that if you are interested in applying for the USA visa lottery program, then you must read and understand the whole visa lottery instructions carefully.

Many people didn't read the instructions and once they become as a winner they failed at the interview and was refused of their visas and lost their visa fees of US$ 330 which is a big amount for many of the third world country people.

DV Instructions Translations.

Armenian Bulgarian French Italian
Japanese Cambodian Nepali Polish
Romanian Russian Sinhala Spanish
Tamil Turkish Ukrainian Uzbek

DV Lottery Photo.

Photos of the applicants are necessary to apply for the 2018 diversity visa lottery program. The E-DV online entry form requires all applicants and dependants to submit their photos in the digital file format. If the applicant doesn't upload the image file with the application form then the application form will not be accepted by the program and will indicate the reason in red color text.

For to make the required photo file the US State department has given some instructions. Those who want to apply must follow it. Also the photos must be recently taken color photos. Recently means within 6 months of the application date.

Married applicants must include their spouse details and an individual image file of the spouse. Those who have eligible children also must include their details and the children's individual image files along with the details. Failure to do so will end in disqualification.

DV Photos can be taken with a digital camera by setting the required pixel sizes and can be used to apply. Or you can use an image scanner to scan a paper photo according to the instructions and it can be used to apply with the forms.