DV-2018 Lottery

DV-2018, American Visa Lottery

DV-2018 is the forth coming American visa lottery program and it is expected to be open officially in this year. This program will select nearly 100,000 applicants as winners and will issue nearly 50,000 American Immigrant visas for the eligible winners after processing their visa applications and checking their eligibility under the draw rules. Winners will not get their visas right away, but will be given chance to apply for the visas through the normal online processing where they will pay US$ 330 as the visa processing fee ONLY to the US Consular Offices. Never send money through banks and through Money transfer programs to get your American visas.

Opened on: 04th October 2016

Will close on:07th November 2016

The Applications form will be provided for a period of 34 days only. Then the form providing facility will be closed.


DV-2017 did accepted entries in the year 2015 and no one can submit entries to this draw anymore.
DV-2017 visa lottery program results are now available in the internet and the program will be closed officially on 30th September 2017 after issuing visas under this fiscal year program. From 01 October 2016 winners are being called for their interviews according to their case numbers. Take note that these visas used to exhaust before the official closing date.


Application forms were offered through the internet from October 01, 2014 and after 30days it was closed on November 2, 2014. No one can submit entries for the draw under this fiscal year program any more as the web site is now closed. .DV-2016 program is now officially closed.

Annual Program

This lucky name selection draw provides quick, easy and legal way to immigrate to the USA. Married people can take their spouse and eligible children with them. The selected participants can immigrate to the USA, within short time with less cost, if they meet all the required eligibility and the luck to be selected in the computer name selection. There is no entrant fee is charged to submit your application forms to this draw. But those who are selected as winners must pay the visa processing fees when they are going to attend the interview under this program.

American Government used to offer 50,000 LPR statuses every year to natives from eligible countries. The draw is conducted by the U.S Government to keep the diversity of its people. For this they allow eligible people from countries which are sending less people to the U.S.A to participate in this diversity visa through random name selection program that is administrated through the internet.

Eligible Natives

Ecuador is eligible for DV-2018.

The eligible natives mean those people who were born in countries that are listed eligible by the State Department regardless of which country citizenship that the person is holding now. Eligible countries must have sent less than 50,000 people to the USA within the last 5 years. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria and Pakistan are ineligible as they had sent more than 50,000 people to the USA within the last 5 years. Ecuador born people are eligible to participate in the DV-2018 American visa lottery program.


Eligible participants who want to participate in this limited time program must have the minimum education level as successfully completed high school certificate with the required compulsory subjects after studying in the lower and high schools or must have 2 years of work experience within the last 5 year period in an occupation after learning/practicing it for a period of 2 years. Take note those profession must come in the Job Zone 4 or 5, classified in (SVP) range of 7.0 or higher in the O-net database.

Family Members

Unmarried person is required to play as a single applicant while an eligible married person must include details and individual digital photo files of his/her spouse and all their children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 even if the children are not living with them or not intended to travel to the USA with the primary applicant. Those gay partners too can participate in this draw, if they are legally married. Children with American LPR or American citizenship are not to be included in the draw. America approves only monogamy marriages, so people with more than one spouse are not allowed to participate in this 2018 draw. Father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunty and grandparents can't be included in this draw as family members.

Winner Selection

When the entry submission period is over, the computers in the KCC will select nearly 100,000 entrants as selectees from the duly submitted entries and will allow them to proceed with the winning. Take not winning a slot in this program will not give you the visas instantly but will allow you to apply for it following the normal immigrant visa procedures. Also you must attend the visa interview where the American diversity visa processing fee is US$ 330 per person. Once received the entry permit they have to pay another payment of US$ 165 to the USIS, before they depart to the USA.

Winner Notification

Postal mail, email, fax or phone will NOT be used to announce the winners.

Got winning notifications in any one of this way? Double check it.

Only you have to check it in the official website, once the results are released to the general public.

Next DV Lottery Program.

The next expected lottery will bear the name as DV-2019 and it is expected to accept entries in the year 2017. To apply for the next lotto DV 2019, you have to visit the State department web site when the application forms are available online. A person can submit only one entry for this fiscal year program in any given year. It is free to apply online for the draw, but the winners will have to pay a visa processing fee of US$ 330 to the U.S Consular office on the day of their interview. Never send money by banks to get American visas under the DV Lottery program.

How the winners will be announced?

There is no more winner announcement system from the draw. Participants will have to check their results with the assistance of their own confirmation number in the online result web site. Or someone else can check it for them, if they have their confirmation number and other details.

Future of the DV Lottery.

Future of the Green card Lottery program will not take a sudden U turn after the selection of the newly elected American President Donald Trump. The diversity program will continue as usual and if the American Government wants to scrap it, it should be passed through the Immigration bill and should be endorsed by the American Senate House. Till then the program will continue to accept entries and select winners to immigrate to the USA legally.