DV-2018 Lottery

Winner Notification.

DV Lottery winner notifications are carried out through the online results checking facvility only Postal mail, email, fax or phone will NOT be used to announce the selected winners. If you get any notifications through this method it is likely to be a scam message.

Got a winning notification through E-mail? Double check it.

All the participants must check their selection results through the official dv lottery website from the month of May.

Checking your DV Results.

If you have the confirmation number starting with 2018, then visit this website here, there enter the confirmation number and the personal details of the applicant and then verify yourself and submit the form. Results will be displayed as selected or not selected in the computer screen.

if you have the confirmation number starting with 2019 wait for the month May as in this month only DV-2019 results will be published to the general public to check their selection results.

How the winners will be announced?

There is no more personal winner announcement method for the draw. Participants will have to check their results with their confirmation number in the online result viewing website. Or someone else can check it for you, if you have provided them with the confirmation number and other personal details.

Annual Diversity Visa Program

This lucky name selection draw provides quick, easy and legal path to immigrate to the USA. Married people can take their spouse and eligible children with them. The selected participants can immigrate to the USA, within short time with less cost, if they meet all the required eligibility and the luck to be selected in the computer name selection. There is no entrant fee is charged to submit your application forms to this draw. But those who are selected as winners must pay the visa processing fees when they are going to attend the interview under this program.

American Government used to offer 50,000 LPR statuses every year to natives from eligible countries. The draw is conducted by the U.S Government to keep the diversity of its people. For this they allow eligible people from countries which are sending less people to the U.S.A to participate in this diversity visa through random name selection program that is administrated through the internet.


Results were provided in the year 2016 and the program was closed officially on 30th September 2017 after issuing visas under this fiscal year program.